At ERIC A. BIRD we are able to handle most types jewellery repair.

Watch Repairs

We carry out hundreds of minor repairs in house each week, these include the fitting of watch batteries to most brands of watch, replacement of watch glasses, stems & buttons (winders), bracelets and straps (fitting and adjusting). Some watch servicing is done in house but due to the volume of other work the majority of servicing and in particular mechanical and high value watches are sent to specialist repairers. Estimates supplied by specialist repair companies are likely to attract postal & handling charges should their estimate not be accepted.

Watch Battery Replacement

The current charge for supplying and fitting a replacement watch battery is £8.00. This is offered as a same day service on most types of battery operated watches. We ask for a minimum of  thirty minutes to carry out a battery replacement however this my increase during busy periods. We do not offer water-resistance testing on-site. We recommend that specialist and dive watches are returned to the manufacturer if a water-resitance pressure testing is required.

Jewellery Repairs

The vast majority of our jewellery repairs are carried out in house by Tony Hurt; a self employed practical jeweller working on our premises. Due to the rising volume of work we also employ the services of  an off-site but local jeweller for some repairs and some of our larger commission work. We keep a good stock of jewellery findings which are used to carry out quick on the spot repairs for jobs that don’t need to go into the workshop.

Pearl & Bead Threading

In an emergency it is possible for us to re-thread pearls and beads in-house, however because of the volume of repairs we handle it is usual for us to send this type of work to a specialist firm once a week.


We offer a hand engraving service. This is a much more specialised art form and the type of engraving used on precious metals; the cut is deeper and much more pleasing to the eye. All hand engraving is sent to a specialist workshop in Birmingham.  We are unable to offer a glass engraving service at present.


We do not carry out valuation work of any type. This is a very time consuming service which we cannot offer due to the high volume of other work we are having to process.

Second Hand Items

Whilst we do have a selection of second hand jewellery available for sale, we are NOT buying in at this time.  9/9/2021



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